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Every Realtor® has a certain way they conduct their business. And there are as many different styles as there are unique types of clients. I appreciate and respect the differences between myself and other real estate professionals. Yet when I ask that the respect be reciprocated, I’m often caught off guard by the negative response.

Typical scenario:

Me: Hi, I just sent you the accepted offer.

Them: Great! My assistant will email you to introduce herself and she’ll be working with you from now on, now that we’re under contract.

Me: I think that’s wonderful that you have an assistant. I’m sure that she’s very helpful to your in your business. You and I are the licensed real estate professionals our clients expect to be working with, though. That’s why it’s disclosed that way in the contract – who is representing whom. I’ll send everything to you and then you may share it with your assistant, as appropriate.

Them: ^#^#*$()$(@*&@&@()$)))%)#*@^@% (ok, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the drift).

Here are some thoughts about why I feel strongly about this:

  • I simply don’t delegate my relationship with my clients, nor my responsibility to them. It’s too important to me. I understand that some agents need an assistant; I just choose not to delegate at the most critical time in the process – that of the under contract period.
  • I have no desire to manage another agent’s staff, which inevitably ends up happening. It distracts from taking care of my own clients. (In fairness, I can think of two or three real estate assistants who excel at what they do … and why they’re working for someone else, I’ll never know.)
  • I provide my client’s confidential contact and contract information to the licensed professionals involved in the transaction. Who they share it with is their reponsibility to manage. The list of individuals who must receive a copy of the contract is extensive enough: Seller, Buyer, Seller’s Agent, Buyer’s Agent, Seller’s Escrow Officer, Buyer’s Escrow Officer, Seller’s Attorny, Buyer’s Attorney, the Lender and the Appraiser.

So when asked, “how do you do it without an assistant?” I will stand my ground, fight the good fight and continue my search for a qualified, like-minded real estate partner instead. If you’re interested, let’s talk.

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