Looking for (real estate) Love in the Cloud

Finding the perfect “match” in real estate can feel a little like online dating. Whether it’s choosing a REALTOR®, or falling in love with a new home, you’ll need to go deeper than an old glamour shot and a 140-character bio on a website in order to have a happy ending.

For Buyers:

  1. Initial meeting – The Interview Part I
    1. The process of buying a home in today’s market
    2. Questions, answers and how we’ll work together
    3. 10 Day Buyer-Broker Representation Agreement
  2. First home tour – The Interview Part II
    1. Your top 5-7 homes
    2. When the internet meets reality
    3. Confirmation or revision of expectations
  3. Second home tour – The Commitment
    1. Your REALTOR®’s recommended 5-7 homes
    2. When budget meets reality
    3. 45 Day Buyer-Broker Representation Agreement
  4. Third home tour – The Match
    1. New listings
    2. Second showing(s) of your top 1-3 homes
    3. Successfully negotiate the offer on your new home!

For Sellers:

  1. The Interview
    1. Tour of your home and why you love it
    2. The process of selling a home in today’s market
    3. Questions, answers and how we’ll work together
  2. The CMA: Comparative Market Analysis
    1. List price looking forward in a rapidly appreciating market
    2. List price resulting in multiple offers to obtain highest/best
    3. List price to avoid appraisal issues
  3. The Marketing Proposal
    1. Cost effective improvements to maximize your sales price
    2. Making a splash as “new on the market”
    3. Best practices for showing, and showing off, your home
  4. The Sale
    1. Compare multiple offers and select the “best”
    2. Negotiate beneficial price & terms, eliminate repair requests, minimize appraisal issues
    3. Celebrate a stress-free and profitable closing!

For questions or comments, or to start your Northern Utah home search or sale today, please contact me. I’m never too busy for you or your referrals! (801) 726-1443 or kim@novakadvantage.com.


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