Point of Difference: Buyer Representation Installment 001

On almost a daily basis, I am confronted with a brand new smh situation. I’ve decided to use these moments to illustrate the points of difference between the average agent and the professional Realtor®.

Today’s Installment:

Last night, I received an email from the Buyer’s Agent asking about the utility bills on a home that we have under contract. I emailed back that I would ask the Seller, but that it would be far better for the her to get that information directly from the utility companies, rather than relying on a guesstimate from the Seller – just in case the Seller wasn’t on equal pay.

The Buyer’s Agent’s response? “I was aware of calling utility company but their work schedules are crazy.” I guess that means that she’s too busy to call on behalf of her clients and they’re too busy, too. smh

My Point of Difference?

I’m never too busy for my clients. Or the other agent’s clients either, if it is for the benefit of my clients.

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