Respect the #Millenial

#millenials: Three vignettes that will give you a greater respect for our youngers. Tattooed, or not. Pierced, or not. Long hair, lots of hair, purple hair, military regulation cuts. Suits, jeans, uniforms. To me, this is our greatest generation … because they are next.

Vignette #1

I am helping M with her first home purchase. She shared an insightful quip with me during our initial outing looking at condos. Her boss told her about an area in Salt Lake that he said was all the rage with Millenials. In a very practical tone of voice, she said, “First, I was kind of mad about him calling me a ‘Millenial’ since he’s only few years older than me. Then I told him that the reason we’re attracted to that area is because we don’t make very much money and that’s simply where the cheaper homes are.” – Millenial-Smart-Insightful-Funny

Vignette #2

A and her boyfriend are first time homebuyers who were referred to me by their friend, a past client of mine. When they couldn’t make our scheduled appointment to look at homes, they called to notify me. And apologized. “We know that this is the second time we’ve had to cancel. We went out last night, had too much fun and aren’t feeling up to meeting today. We will call you when we become responsible adults and can keep our appointments. Hopefully, soon.” And I do believe that they will. Millenial-Courteous-Honest-Funny

Vignette #3

My clients C and J are an active duty dual military couple, selling their first home – a home that they love – because one of them is being deployed overseas and the other has orders to report for duty at another Air Force Base. They are prepared to rent the house out if it doesn’t sell (fortunately, it is under contract). They are prepared to do what is necessary, including bringing money to closing, to make sure that sale happens. They are dealing with all of these challenges calmly and confidently. Millenial-Responsible-Honorable-Duty-bound

So to all those real estate agents who diss on Millenials … refer them to me! I’ll even honor a 25% referral fee to relieve you of your burden.


15 Economic Facts About Millenials (the White House Council of Economic Advisors Report, October 2014)

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