Where’s My Showing Feedback?

Feedback from showing agents is hit and miss. The best feedback comes to us in the form of an offer. Other feedback really falls in to the category of “things you can’t change anyway” and will most likely make you sad or mad. The only thing you, as the Seller, really have control over is the price. I would never advise that you paint, change floor coverings, finish extra rooms or do anything with the exterior of your home, including landscaping, based on Buyer feedback – unless you wanted to consider it during negotiations on a bonafide offer.

Here are typical comments:

1. Beautiful home, but Buyer didn’t like the floor plan (cannot change)
2. Buyer decided to purchase in a different area (have no control over)
3. Buyer is trying to decide if they want to put their home on the market Buyer wants to:
A. see what is available on the market before committing to sell
B. is comparing the pricing on their home to the competition
(Buyer is not ready, willing and able)
4. Incredible view, but Buyer didn’t like the steep backyard (I always love this one. How do you think you get that unobstructed view? Anyway, you can’t do anything about things like this either.)

I send my clients their feedback from agents as soon as I receive it. I also email twice and call. If the agent doesn’t respond after that, they simply aren’t going to. When I’m representing a Buyer, I only respond to requests for feedback if my client is NOT interested in the home. Otherwise, I am putting them at a disadvantage from a negotiating standpoint. I love it when new agents provide gushing, too much, feedback. Like “My clients LOVE the house. We’ve been looking for 2 years and they’ve been waiting for a home just like this one to come available in this neighborhood. They have to close within the next 30 days or they’ll lose their rate lock. I should have an offer to you tonight!”. And yes, that really does happen :-).

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